Spotlight on marketing strategies: content marketing, webmarketing, SEO marketing…

The levers of growth for an online business: emailing, Adwords campaigns, SEM.

Developing brand awareness through logo, ads, design, packaging.

Sales channels

Quality and contextualised product information

Product information is at the core of brand communication. Today’s consumers demand comprehensive, detailed and contextualised information that meets their needs. Goaland offers you the ideal PIM solution to optimise the collection, management and optimisation of your product information. The tool is easily customisable to suit brand requirements and to provide a better shopping experience for consumers.

Digital Marketing

New performance indicators in digital marketing

The number of visitors to the site, the rate of engagement, the rate of clicks, the cost of conversion and the number of followers are all indicators to consider when measuring the performance of one’s marketing strategy. According to digital trends, strong online brand awareness is measured by its social media influence, the shopping experience offered on site and the relevance of words used in titles, link anchors, URLs and hashtags.

Beyond the hashtag

Beyond the hashtag

Hashtags that inspire action, share values.

Shopping experience
Shopping experience

Shopping experience

A seamless shopping experience, personalised with UX Design.

Social media metrics

Social media metrics

Strong visibility on social networks, channels of influence.

Marketing pro

Expertise in marketing and consulting: Your key to success

Success in marketing and consulting comes from working hard to distinguish yourself from your competitors and create your own valuable brand. The key to a successful digital business is based on many factors and parameters which may change over time.

These factors include product characteristics and product information such as size, price, functionality as well as the skills that need to be mastered (know-how, production methods, etc.). A good customer relationship plays a role in lead generation and customer loyalty. Consumers also expect certain qualities from companies: diversity of services, reactivity, reliability of information, tailor-made support and advice. The best marketing strategy takes all these parameters into account and relies on relevant advertising media.

Marketing strategy & web campaigns

Marketing strategy and digital campaigns are inseparable. The success of emailing, storytelling and AdWords campaigns proves it.

Marketing actions

Marketing actions

Target the most relevant audiences

Social network management
Generate better interactions with your followers by creating interesting content, planning your posts, marketing approaches.